Friday, 3 February 2017

Older? In a relationship? Live in GM? UoM Researchers would like to talk to you!

The University of Manchester's research has found that many older people remain sexually active. Sexual problems such as difficulties achieving orgasm and erectile dysfunction are relatively common, however. They've analysed written comments from over a thousand study participants and both sexes emphasised their anxiety at not being taken seriously by health practitioners as they sought to overcome issues affecting their sexual activity and satisfaction.

Researchers are keen to discuss issues around sexual health and ageing with some older people who are in a relationship, ideally who would be prepared to be interviewed as a couple, who we can put forward as case studies. We hope our research will also encourage a more open discourse about late-life sexuality and health, and foster wider intergenerational understanding that sex doesn’t stop at 50!

Contact Dave Lee, Research Fellow, on 0161 306 6952 or

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