Thursday, 16 February 2017

Manchester International Women’s Festival 2017

The Manchester International Women’s festival is here...

Manchester is an amazing city buzzing with excitement with world class sports, arts and culture. What makes Manchester special and like nothing else on earth is its people. Manchester people are doers and the women of Manchester are no exception. Their contribution to the city is huge. Women are the backbone to family life, help create safe and happy neighbourhoods inspiring trust and friendship and contribute enormously to the economy and across the professions and all other areas of work.

Manchester is proud of its women and their many different roles.  We want to instil pride in our Manchester women and inspire current and future generations to strive for what they want, and we want them to achieve.

This year we really want to celebrate being a woman and the enormous contribution women make to Manchester as a world class city by hosting our first Manchester International Women’s day festival.

There will be a range of activities and events right across the city for you to get involved in.  Click here to see them all...

(Article courtesy of Manchester City Council)

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