Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wonderland by the Waves: Manchester to Blackpool

University of Manchester postgraduate students are creating an exciting new exhibition of archives and objects in Manchester Central Library about holidays in Blackpool.

Inspired by the existing archives that include photos, family albums and brochures from Blackpool, the exhibition reflects some of the history of holidaying in the UK. For a limited time only, the team of students are taking donations to include in the exhibition - all of the submissions will be added to an online archive that can be emailed to you once it is created. Some of the images and stories sent will be included in the exhibition at the library itself. The donations will be chosen by the curatorial team who are studying 'Art Gallery and Museum Studies' and all donations will be credited with your name. To submit a picture, story or any memory you have of holidays of Blackpool, you can email the team now at Manchesterwakes@gmail.com

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